Trying to Grow Your Practice? Avoid these 7 Content Marketing Mistakes

June 13, 2015

Content marketing has rapidly become one of the most powerful forces in marketing, but if your medical websites are making these mistakes you could be driving people away from your practice instead of drawing them in. Here are the seven things you should avoid.

1. Crafting Messages Your Target Audience Won't Understand

The medical field is infamous for having its own technology. In fact, the average person probably couldn't name even half of the devices in a medical office, much less write-up a full and accurate description of their problem.

When you spend too much time immersed in the terminology of your profession, patients may not understand everything you say.

Double-check all of your marketing messages to patients and make sure you write it in a way the average person can comprehend.

2. Crafting Messages Your Target Audience Doesn't Care About

Physicians of all kinds are in a uniquely valuable marketing position. People come to you because they have problems they really want to solve, and medical websites offer the ideal way of providing the information they're looking for online.

That being said, you can't just create content on medical topics and expect people to care. All of your healthcare content should be focused on the problems of your potential patients and what you can do to help them.

3. Communicating With Your Audience On Platforms They Don't Visit

The best marketing efforts in the world won't mean a thing if patients never see the information. Instead of only publishing your medical content on your primary site, you should look into using social media and other platforms to get your messages across.

Find out where your current patients often visit online for information; it could be Facebook, blogs or other platforms.

If they receive regular updates from you about current health issues and what they can do to stay healthy, chances are they'll come to you for help before they visit anyone else.

In other words, you need to be where your patients are.

4. Not Automating Your Marketing Efforts

Look, you're busy––between seeing patients, doing paperwork, and running the various other needs of your practice, you don't actually have a lot of time for marketing to patients. There's no point in manually executing your marketing efforts when you could easily automate most of the marketing tasks you need.

Imagine, for example, being able to send an automatic email to patients about a new medical device that will help them, or remind people to schedule an annual physical just to see how things are going.

Email workflows make it easy to send out messages based on certain criteria, and the more of your efforts you automate, the less time you will have to spend manually marketing your medical website. 

5. Not Experimenting With Different Marketing Methods

It's easy to pick one marketing plan and stick to it. With so many things demanding your attention, not having to think about a subject can be a not-so-small blessing. Unfortunately, modern marketing wants you to do better than that.

The core of inbound marketing (attract, engage and convert) is its ability to improve over time. You need to look at both what works and what doesn't work, then experiment with what works to find even better ways of doing things. If you're not changing, you're not improving and you're certainly not going to grow your practice that way.

Try not to think of this as a chore. When done properly, marketing to patients will provide a solid return on your investment. In fact, doing enough of this may improve your finances enough to hire an outside team to do it for you, which leads us into...

6. Creating Poor-Quality Content

You didn't go to medical school just to convince people that you don't know how to be a doctor. Patients can and will judge you based on the quality of your marketing, and they have certain expectations about what that content should look like.

Quality content is the core of healthcare SEO and medical marketing. The better your content is, the more patients will be willing to trust you. Perception matters.

At a certain point, having a professional company step in to help could make all the difference.

Content-marketing-mistakes7. Creating Content Without An SEO Strategy

Medical websites won't succeed in their marketing efforts just because they run a blog and create a few links.

In fact, there's no point in doing the marketing at all unless you have a solid healthcare SEO and marketing strategy in place that clearly defines what you're doing, why you're doing it, and how it's expected to improve your practice.

It's fine to search for a strategy online, but don't forget that medical offices have unique marketing needs; a general marketing plan may not be the best option for your business, so don't be afraid to modify it or talk to an expert for advice. At docero, we use proven patient acquisition strategies to help grow medical practices. Contact us if you are interested in a free assessment of your medical website content. 

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