To Successfully Market to Patients, This is the First Thing Your Medical Practice Needs

June 14, 2015

Marketing can be a delicate task to tackle in any business field. Depending on what your business is striving to do, you will need to focus your market accordingly; this method is no different for medical practices. How you approach marketing to patients will make or break your practice's success.

Establish a Trustworthy and Recognizable Face

As with any business, appearances are everything. If your practice doesn't look like it can represent itself coherently, people are going to move on to another practice that does.

Of course, you want your practice's physical building to be comfortable — from the waiting room to examination rooms; when your patients enter your office you want them to feel that they are in good hands. There are no better hands than your own, and that's exactly the image you need to portray.

However, in this day and age, you will need more than just a trustworthy foundation for your practice to project confidence. Every professional business should have a website nowadays; if you're trying to establish your reputation as a medical professional, and you're lacking something as significant as a website, people are going to question your integrity.

Today, creating a website to represent your medical practice is probably the most concise option for marketing to patients. Using just any simple website design that you run across won't suffice, though — you're going to need one that can efficiently illustrate your practice's assets. Patients should be able to navigate your website and feel comfort knowing your practice is fully capable in its field(s) of expertise.

Essentials for Your Medical Practice's Website

A proper website should have several, easily accessible pages that discuss why your medical practice is the one patients should be visiting.

A biographical page should inform patients of your medical experience and accreditation; if your practice has numerous physicians collectively working under one roof, you may want this page to be a gallery of each person's medical accomplishments, or you may want each physician to have their own dedicated page. Either way, you'll want ample space for your patients to become informed of your practice's personal strengths.

medical-practice-website-design Medical Practice Website Design Example – click for more information.

Another page you may want on your website is one that describes the different medical procedures your practice encompasses. The page could go into detail about common afflictions that your practice has experience with. In turn, this procedural page will be marketing to patients who are researching practices for medical attention.

If your practice has several physicians, you may want to link between any biographical pages they have on your website and their area(s) of expertise on the medical procedure page.

An entry that could further the relevancy of those pages is a testimonial page. Testimonials are a great way to show potential patients that the professionals in your practice are capable of performing the tasks that they claim. You could go the extra mile and include video testimonials in addition to direct quotes from prior patients.

New patients are going to want as much confirmation as possible that your practice is trustworthy and that they will be safe leaving their lives in the hands of its physicians.

Maintaining Your Reputation

Once your website has been built, you'll need to maintain it. If you create a website and then leave it unattended for months, patients will get the impression that you will neglect them in a similar fashion.
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to maintain your website's activity is to sync it with one or more social media outlets (such as Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.); when doing so, you could update your linked social media accounts with medical news, information about your practice, planned changes for your website, potential new treatment options—the list goes on.

You could also write your own articles or opinion pieces on medical treatments. Potential patients may come to your practice because they found your views comforting; other physicians may recommend their own patients to you if you are a specialist and they find your medical opinions respectable.

Marketing to patients isn't as exact of a science as medicine, but there are still plenty of approaches to take that could produce a stable increase in patient acquisition. Results from prior campaigns have shown that a focused approach to marketing can equate to a prominent boost in patient conversion.

Even if you find yourself inundated with medical website maintenance tasks or marketing to patients, you can turn to professionals for assistance. Medical care can be difficult for many to find, so any practice that opens an opportunity for patients to receive care should be marketed extensively.

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