The Pros and Cons Of Outsourcing Medical Internet Marketing

June 20, 2015

Healthcare has drastically shifted in recent years and medical practices are not exactly recession-proof. Patients have more power and more choices than ever before. Medical marketing is essential for practice growth; doctors and healthcare institutions now require a professional website, digital tools and techniques, and, of course, medical Internet marketing strategies.

Should you outsource your marketing or hire an in-house professional? We’ve highlighted the pros and cons of outsourcing Internet marketing for your medical practice below.


1. Outsourcing is cost-effective for healthcare practitioners.

When you outsource Internet marketing, the hired marketing agency already has the tools, expertise and techniques in place to help get you potential patients.

Rather than attempting to pursue the training and tools yourself or hiring a full-time in-house person, you can save time and money by outsourcing marketing campaigns for your medical practice. You indemnify yourself from unexpected marketing expenses and you can focus on what you do best––practicing medicine.

2. You will be able to dedicate more time to your patients.

Successful medical marketing campaigns are not produced over night; they take time to research, strategize and execute. Even after execution, you must constantly monitor, analyze and refine the information.

You have patients to attend to, and you will simply not have enough time to oversee and micromanage in-house efforts.

3. Cumulative expertise outweighs one specialist.

While an in–house marketer may seem like a good idea, there is only so much one individual can do; whereas digital marketing agencies operate with a full staff of SEO experts, web designers, content marketers, PPC specialists and others with years of combined experience in the digital industry.

As a client, these experts would be at your disposal. Even if you were to find a multi-specialty digital professional, their salary and benefits would cost you more than outsourcing.

 4. Agencies think outside of the box.

Medical marketing is all about experimentation and discovering solutions that work best for your medical practice. Consumer behavior is constantly in flux, and marketers test new tactics all the time to see what works and what doesn’t work. Revise and improve. Revise and improve.


1. You will not have an in-house, dedicated employee completely focused on your medical practice.

If you chose to outsource your medical marketing then you will not have a full-time employee on-site who you can manage very closely. Instead, your medical practice will be assigned an account manager from the agency, who probably has a few other accounts in addition to yours.

Depending on your communication preferences, establish expectations early on to ensure you’re getting the attention you need from your account manager. Remember, by hiring an agency your medical practice receives top-notch service from many different digital experts.

2. You lose some control over your marketing efforts.

As a medical practitioner, you may find it hard to relinquish control of your medical practice marketing. It’s scary to put all your trust and power in a digital marketing agency instead of an in-house marketer.

Although you may be giving up direct control of your marketing efforts, you can and should establish an open line of communication with your new digital agency and maintain a transparent relationship.

You didn’t go to medical school to learn how to market your practice. Hire an agency that you trust and let the digital marketing experts do what they do best.

3. There’s risk involved if the agency fails to understand your medical practice.

There is always risk involved with hiring third party companies. When you hire an agency that is not an expert in your industry, the team assigned to your account will take some time to get up-to-speed.

With new partnerships, always expect a learning curve. However, since medical practices and medical marketing can be complex, make sure to hire an agency focused in the medical vertical.

You need to evaluate the costs and implications of outsourcing medical Internet marketing for your medical practice. Ultimately, you should choose a solution that works best for you.

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