Medical Websites that Nailed Design and User Experience

June 21, 2015

Medical websites that nailed design and user experience for their patients and why you should follow their example.

Through research, we found two standout medical site designs that we feel hit the mark when it comes to user experience and overall conceptual design. We also came across quite a few medical websites that were not up to par for 2015, but that post is for another day.

1. Let’s begin with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer

At first glance, it’s clear that experienced professionals tackled their web desig. Kudos to that designer because the website has a few elements that grabbed our attention straight away

  • The “homepage” is simple and straightforward; it’s not overpowered by heavy, paragraphs of
  • The silent video on the homepage makes this website unique and it standouts among other hospital designs.
  • The dual navigation bars make it easy to get the information you want.
  • After 5 minutes of perusing the website, we’ve already watched another interactive video, read a blog article with testimonials and seen strategically placed calls-to-actions that direct us to request an appointment.
  • The doctor directory provides high-level, snippets about each MD, and every doctor has a professional headshot plus their own profile page.
  • And their website is optimized for mobile!

 2. Another medical website example that impressed us was Florida Hospital in Orlando, one of the largest hospitals in the US.

  • From the soft blue colors to the stylish text overlays, the look of the website feels modern. Their tagline, “Improving Tomorrow. Innovating Today,” reinforces their modern look.
  • Second, the “services,” best-medical-website-design-examples“physicians,” and “location” are prominently placed in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen as well as along the right of the homepage image. There is no confusion as to where the patients should click next.
  • The font on the “homepage” is large and readable in all areas above the fold.
  • The “contact page” is designed to meet the needs of the patients, segmented based on how the hospital can assist the patient: appointments, billing, insurance, financial assistance, medical records, visitor information, etc.
  • This website is also optimized for mobile.

Although these websites were built for hospitals and undoubtedly cost thousands of dollars due to the sheer amount of content and pages, the design tactics can be applied to any modern medical website­­­–large or small.

At docero, we work with a range of medical practices and multispecialty groups who may have budgetary constraints, or outdated websites, or need additional digital marketing.

At the end of the day, we take on clients who believe in delivering the best online experience for their patients and who are willing to trust us to redesign their medical website with a patient-focused user experience.

We create practice building solutions through strong user experience designs which drive more traffic to your website and generate a positive ROI for your medical practice.

If there is one marketing investment you should make this year, it should be to improve your medical website.

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