10 Reasons Why Videos are the Future of Patient Marketing

July 8, 2015

Over 90% of Internet traffic is video related. Let your website be your virtual lobby, where you­–the doctor–can sit down and let your potential patient’s know who you are and how you can help them with their health needs.

Patient marketing can be made simple by detailing three components: attract, engage, and convert.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why videos are the future of patient marketing…

1. Videos enhance the quality of your website.

This is 2015 and the paper format of the Yellow Pages has been forgotten. Doctors need to show up and show out where the patients are looking for health information: online. Today people are forming their first impressions of you as a physician by the appearance of your website and the engagement of your videos.

2. Videos make you stand out.

Written content paired with a video is a successful duo. Through video, you can meet future patients in your virtual lobby and give them a tour of your facility and services. Be sure and create an appealing and informative video. What makes you stand out from all the other doctors?

Use the show-and-tell method in story format. Tell patients about the discoveries that you have made through treatments and victories you’ve been a part of in the medical realm. Future patients want to work with a successful doctor, and by sharing real-life stories you become credible in the eyes of your viewers.

3.Video content is easier for patients to digest.

Forrester Research and many other technology specialists have found that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Now that’s a picture worth painting.

Studies have shown that people will click on a video before they will read large amounts of content. And if they make a connection with the video they will most likely come back to read your content also.

4. Patients want to hear directly from their doctor.video-chat-with-doctor

Just sit down and share your credentials and expertise on video. Let your future patients know why you spent all those hours studying to be a doctor.

Share your passion and your goals of improving and saving lives – one at a time. Let your character as a doctor naturally reveal the value you place on the needs of each individual you meet and all the patients that have come before them.

5. Video works as a preview to what you can offer patients.

Most people will watch a trailer online before they purchase a ticket for the movie. If viewers like what they see, then they buy a ticket and settle in for an evening of promised entertainment.

Your video works in the same way. It is a preview of you and your services. Or it could be a preview of your medical facility, staff, and all the amenities that you provide.

Patient marketing through video helps future patients connect with a doctor and enhances the quality of the initial face-to-face meeting between you and your patient.

6. Videos are more shareable on social media.

The best form of marketing, even in our technological world, is word of mouth advertising. By using video to market your practice, you give people something to talk about.

These days, people want to press play. That’s a fact. People like humorous videos, educational videos, inspirational videos, etc. If your video intrigues them or provides a unique value, people won’t hesitate to share it on their social media accounts, which in turn directs more traffic your way.

7. Video further establishes your credibility and builds a deeper trust with your prospective patients.

Online video is an indicator of a website’s quality, according to Spork Marketing.  Website quality is just one facet of trust.

To have successful patient marketing online, you must establish trust with your viewers; a video gives you the opportunity to do this in less time than just standalone content.

When doctors want to work with their patients as a team, they build trust and authenticity. Videos, like this, can help facilitate this desire.

8. Videos reinforce patient relationships.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt is still relevant for today.

On video, let your future patients know that you care about their medical needs and that you value them as a person. Share with them, through credible evidence like patient testimonials, that you are the one they can trust to receive the best medical care.

9. People believe other people, and testimonial videos showcase other patient’s reviews.

The voice of your patients can help future patients believe that you are who you say you are and that you can provide the services that you say you can provide. Testimonial videos help put the walk in the talk.

10. Videos serve as a patient resource.

People want to know what they can expect from a first visit, pre-surgery, post-surgery, etc. Videos are an innovative way to distribute information and offer a unique service to prospective patients, saving time for both you and the patients. You could also create short, helpful videos about living a healthy lifestyle, preventative care, treatment options, etc.

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