How Do You Get More Patients to Visit Your Website?

July 30, 2015

Attracting new patients is not necessarily synonymous with difficult or costly. Marketing sometimes holds the stigma of being challenging and expensive and not always yielding the desired results.

Rather, when it comes to healthcare, awareness of your patients coupled with the ability to demonstrate real value, produces new business for your practice and more traffic for your website. In essence, effective marketing means more patients visiting your website.

Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you need the right marketing ingredients to make it work.

Knowing Your Patients

The key to understanding how marketing can help your medical practice is being considerate of your patient’s wants and needs.

Patients apply a wide variety of factors into the decision-making process of selecting a physician or medical team. Quality, reputation, perception, proxy measures, and content are some of them.

  • Quality: Patients need to know that you are going to offer them the highest quality care and service. They should leave your office wanting to return. If they do not feel as if their needs were met and will not be met again, they will not return.
  • Reputation: This is where your businesses image directly affects the way patients will perceive the quality of service. If your website or marketing efforts give your business the appearance of inefficiency or ineptitude, it translates into a negative image.
  • Perception: Regardless of your established reputation, some people will already have an assumed impression for what medical practices are like. This is a stigma that you will have to push through so as to guide your patients towards a positive perception of your
  • Proxy Measures: Patient safety is a high priority and knowing what preventative services your patients are interested in, is an important aspect of successful marketing.
  • Content: Users do not want to sift through difficult to understand jargon or bulky website content. Informative and digestible content paired with interactive links to eBooks, quizzes, guides, how-to’s, FAQ’s, and more give the patient an incentive to continue to browse your website.

Marketing Methods

Now that you know who your patients are you must take a direct approach to online marketing. There are two main concepts to digital marketing: bringing them in and keeping them.

Marketing through such methods as social media and blogs pulls patients to your website, and the high-quality content has them wanting to explore and spend more time on your site.

If the user has a good experience then they will be inspired to return and contact you for more information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the process of increasing the visibility of your website within search engines. The key to search engine optimization is to make certain that the content of your website, keywords and phrases, are something that a patient is most likely to search for in engines like Google. This puts a direct line between the search engine and your website, increasing the amount of hits you will receive.

Facebook and Twitter

Every day millions of users log in to use social media sites. With an average use of eight to ten hours a month, a visitor scrolls through posts, ads, and links to outside blog posts and content.

The social share button allows your website to be linked and spread through other websites one click at a time. This spreads awareness of your website and reaches those millions of users.

Simply, one share holds the capability to be viewed by hundreds of people by piggybacking off of that user’s social media connections. This is a cost-effective way to bring your website new traffic.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords, also know as Pay-Per-Click (PCC) online advertising, places your website in an eye-catching location within search engine results. The utilization of AdWords allows Google to create a small ad that hooks the user and directs traffic your way.

PPC campaigns, managed through Google, are clever and efficient ways to increase your online visibility. With the right keyword pairings, PPC campaigns can increase your website’s qualified traffic and generate more revenue through conversions.


Frequently updated blogs generate the most visitors. Statistics show that websites with blogs accompanying them or websites that are featured within popular blogs have the highest amount of traffic. When your website or content is featured on a platform that your potential patients’ frequent, users are more likely to visit your website.

Download our eBook: 3 Steps to Successfully Grow Your Medical Practice to learn how to optimize your marketing campaigns! 

Download our ebook 3 steps to Successfully Grow Your Medical Practice