Must Know Tools to Measure Your Online Presence

August 17, 2015

Every medical practice now requires a strong online presence. Those without a considerable online footprint will have to rely on word of mouth referrals. And word-of-mouth referrals no longer supply a steady stream of patients.

Every practice should take advantage of the available online tools to gauge web presence breadth and efficacy. Let's take a look at some of the leading tools that will provide these critical insights.

Must Know Tools To Measure Your Online Presence


Semrush gives you a considerable competitive edge. This service allows you to see competing practices' best keywords, to uncover new entrants into your field of medicine and to monitor domain position changes.

Of particular importance is the identification of your competitors' best keywords. Your keyword strategy should be highly refined and carefully crafted to reach your target audience. Organic searches will only reveal your practice if you have made use of the proper keywords within your content.

Semrush ameliorates this challenge by identifying the most effective keywords used by your competitors. It also allows you to view competitors' searched terms which are organized by the domain's position within Bing and Google query results. In addition, Semrush estimates the importance of keywords by pitting them against a number of key web performance indicators like search volume, trend, traffic and the total number of search results.


Hootsuite is ideal for every type of medical practice. It provides easy to understand site measurements, in-depth analytics reports and social implementation services. In a nutshell, Hootsuite improves your practice's social media presence.

From an engagement angle, Hootsuite allows users to easily manage all of their social networks and even coordinate the publishing of future social media messages. The service also provides very handy social media monitoring tools so that you can find out what your patients are posting about your practice across pivotal platforms.

Be sure to take advantage of Hootsuite Analytics. This data service provides you with a comprehensive view of your practice's social media performance. Hootsuite also provides a convenient App Directory with over 80 applications including YouTube, Instagram and Reddit that can be implemented directly into the social media dashboard.


Moz offers a service dubbed “Moz Local” to guarantee the accuracy, consistency and visibility of a business listing on the Internet. This is quite the handy tool as it alleviates the burden of having to constantly update practice listings on various websites.

Moz Local ensures that potential patients will see up-to-date and accurate practice data when they visit the web's leading directories for information about your specific practice or field of medicine.

The service also removes duplicate business listings so that your listings can be updated without a hassle. Moz Local offers a reporting feature that makes it easy to keep track of all your practice's listing statuses. Sign up with Moz and you'll likely enjoy a new stream of patients who discover your business through organic web searches.

The Moz Pro service drives traffic to your practice's website by providing you with valuable analytical tools and SEO research data. Take a look at this critical information and you'll be empowered to boost your practice's search engine rankings.

Take the measurement of your practice's online presence a step further with Moz Analytics. This helpful tool gauges your site's organic traffic, site visibility and keyword rankings. It is even programmed to automatically audit your practice's site and notify you of your competitors' online activity.

google-analytics-iconGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) offers an incredible amount of information about your practice's online presence. You can track just about any type of data that you desire. This amazing tool exists to explain exactly what is happening on your website and provide guidance to boost traffic and efficacy.

While Google Analytics is a bit daunting at first, once you get used to its nuances, you'll soon be analyzing your website's statistics and implementing important changes. Feel free to customize your GA Dashboard to display your site's metrics, build custom reports, establish e-commerce goals and track visitor behavior.

The service's features range from measuring your website's aggregate page views and the number of unique visitors all the way to how much time visitors spend browsing the site. You can even pull insights that measure user loyalty and regency. These statistics provide doctors like you and webmasters key information to properly measure user retention rate.

Of critical importance is Google Analytics' ability to provide an in-depth analysis of your website. It studies your site's traffic trends with a convenient and easy to read “over-time graph”. When armed with this information, you'll be able to determine if there are traffic pattern trends that result from your SEO efforts, website tweaks, special promotions, advertisements and other efforts.

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