Secrets to Patient Retention

August 25, 2015

A lot of attention is given to attracting new patients to a medical practice, but not enough focus is given to retaining those patients. This is somewhat counterproductive; it costs much less to keep a patient than it does to attract a new one. Patient retention is a crucial element of a thriving, growing medical practice.

Why do patients leave?

When asked why they become unhappy with their physicians, patients report the following:

  • Feelings of abandonment
  • Information was poorly communicated
  • Feeling rushed
  • Not enough explanation of tests and procedures

There are several ways that physicians can improve patient retention:

1. Utilize video to disseminate information

During a typical appointment, a physician may need to tell his or her patient a good bit of information about their condition, treatment, or a planned procedure.

Sometimes patients may not fully understand what they’re being told. Recent research has found that when patients get home, they only remember 30% of what their physician told them during their visit.

By utilizing video, you can explain the most common conditions and procedures you perform. If you email the videos to patients after their appointments, they can hear the information again and re-watch it as needed. There’s less room for a misunderstanding or forgetting pertinent information.

With today’s technology, many people film their own videos using a webcam. For more professional-looking videos, hire an agency to coordinate the production.

Maintain contact with your patients

Staying in touch with your patients between appointments shows them that you care about them as a person.

Send personalized email messages to patients, asking them how they are doing and provide resources for them to review in-between appointments.

Patients want to feel a connection with the person in charge of their health; they want to know that their healthcare provider cares about them as a human, not just as another patient.

Provide more personalized attention

As you reach out to your patients and help them become better educated about their health, you won’t have to spend as much time going over the same information from one appointment to the next.

Instead, you can spend time giving them more personalized attention, answering more detailed questions, and giving more specific information.

They won’t feel rushed or abandoned because you’ll be more patient-focused. As a result, you’ll have patients who are well informed and you’ll also have better patient retention.

Patient retention is very important to making your medical practice successful. Download our FREE eBook: 3 Steps to Successfully Grow Your Practice to learn how you can proactively grow your medical practice.

Download our ebook 3 steps to Successfully Grow Your Medical Practice