Template Website vs. Custom Website

December 15, 2015

If you aren't an Internet aficionado, you likely do not understand that websites can be built off of a template or custom-built. There are significant differences between the two types. Certain medical providers will benefit from using a template-based website while others will reap the rewards of a website that is custom-built. Let's take an in-depth look at both.

Template Websites

If your medical practice wants a simple, bare bones website that is just a digital version of a brochure, then a template site will suffice. Template sites tend to be more cost efficient compared to custom-built sites, and it doesn’t take as long to get a template site up and running.

The main drawback to a template site is that it will likely appear quite vanilla in terms of aesthetics and user experience design. In other words, a template site will look similar to the vast majority of other medical practice sites. However, those who can lean on savvy designers will be able to incorporate creative graphics and customization techniques. Templates allow just enough leeway for such a skilled individual to create a unique twist.

Those who choose a template website should avoid the uber-popular themes that have been downloaded and implemented over and over again by competitors within the industry. It is also worth noting that select templates are unresponsive for certain users, meaning the website is not mobile-friendly.

Additionally, malevolent hackers often target template websites as they represent an opportunity to hack a collection of similar websites in one fell swoop. If you really want to separate your medical practice from the pack and enjoy comprehensive security, it is imperative that you consider the merits of a custom-built website.

Custom-Built Sites

The benefits to custom-built websites are seemingly endless while the disadvantages can be counted on a single hand. The primary concern most medical practitioners have with building a customized website is that it will take longer to develop and will likely cost considerably more. However, the advantages significantly outweigh these flaws. If you would like to establish and grow your medical practice's brand, a custom-built website is undoubtedly your best option. Template-based websites simply do not suffice for individual medical practice brands. Alternatively, a custom-built site will be designed and constructed to suit the nuances and goals of your specific brand and organization.

Customized Sites: Pay Now, Benefit Across Posterity

Another critical advantage of custom-built websites is their flexibility. Over time, design changes are inevitable as it’s important to maintain a fresh, modern look. With a custom website, changes are much easier to implement. With a template site, you will usually have to start all over again if you desire to make major changes.

The SEO Advantage

Even search engine optimization (SEO) drastically improves for websites that are fully customized. Lean on a highly skilled web developer to create your medical practice's website from the ground up and he will construct it in a way that optimizes its content for the search engines. Do not discount the importance of your practice's SEO. If web searchers land on Google and have to click through pages upon pages of results to find your company's website, you will not enjoy much traffic. SEO really is one of the core components of your practice's digital promotion.

Choose Carefully When Determining how to Build Your Practice's Website

When built properly, a medical practice's website can become an incredibly powerful tool that attracts new patients. If you need a website constructed quickly, without a supreme focus on details, opt for a template-based site. However, those with an eye on the long-term will find that custom-built sites are much better investments.

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