New Plastic Surgery Website Design

April 11, 2016

We met Dr. Cecil Yeung and his wife/business partner, Dawn Yeung, at the ENT annual meeting (AAO-HNSF) in Dallas last fall. The Yeungs expressed concern about their existing website design and its impact on the user-experience; they were noticing a downward trend in their overall user traffic.

Our design and web development team collaborated with them to create and launch a totally redesigned plastic surgery website, customized to meet their needs: Currently, docero’s client services team manages their monthly marketing strategy.yeunginstitute

Client Design Consultation

During design consultations with our clients, we ask pointed questions in order to better understand what makes our client’s practice unique. We spend a substantial amount of time at the beginning of each website project to fully understand the client’s wants and needs.

In the design consultation with Yeung Institute, they articulated their desire for a high-end online patient experience. We also noted that Yeung Institute’s differentiating factor in their plastic surgery service offerings is that they provide personalized services such as facial rejuvenation, scar repair, and bridal services.

Our Design Solution

To create the luxurious look and feel for their digital presence, our lead designer opted for a very clean look and selected sophisticated images for the website. To accentuate the high-quality perception of their practice, we incorporated a mega-dropdown menu into their navigation. The newest websites are using mega drop-downs because it gives users a better experience and it’s a very modern component to medical websites. Mega drop-downs show images and text; below is an example.

Screenshot 2016-04-07 09.33.01

We also wrote custom clinical content for each section within personalized services and dedicated new pages to those services so that patients can find and learn more about them.

Top medical practices across the country seek out our talented design and marketing team in NYC. We specialize in creating or redesigning medical websites, but more importantly, our goal is to drive more patients to your practice through ongoing marketing efforts.

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