Instantly Boost New Patients by Doing This

April 12, 2016

New patients are the lifeline for any medical practice and steps must be taken to ensure a continual stream of new patients.

With so much attention given to online communication, like social media and email, the art of interacting with other people on the phone or in-person gets lost. Not surprisingly, you may be forgetting a critical component to the patient journey that could lead to more patients booking an appointment with your medical practice.

calendarHow To See New Patients

Your office receptionists are the bridge between patients requesting an appointment and patients booking an appointment. Answering the phone remains a large part of the patient experience for many practices.

What your office staff members say, how they say it and the general tone of the conversation shapes patients’ perception of your practice. Phone etiquette should not be forgotten, and the patient experience should not be overlooked as it can lead to higher patient satisfaction, more patient referrals, and increased patient retention.

PatientThe Patient Journey

As discussed in the articleThe Steps Patients Take To Find Your Medical Practice Online,” new patients oftentimes find your practice through various online channels. They read information on your website about your practice and skim other patient reviews; they may even search for pictures of your office or recent articles on your Google Business page.

Once a patient feels confident enough to schedule an appointment, they will submit an online form with their information or they will call your office directly. In medical marketing, we consider this prospective patient a “lead.” He or she has not yet been assigned an appointment time in your calendar.

Most medical practices connect with the “lead” over the phone, prior to scheduling, in order to further qualify the individual. Some practices qualify based on health insurance plans or their unique service offerings. In our free guide, we compiled years of practice experience into a simple document that outlines best practices for conversing with prospective patients on the phone.

phoneCommunicate More Effectively - Download Our Free Guide!

Your office staff members play an important role in the patient’s journey. They have the power to influence new patients’ decision to make an appointment and to provide an exceptional first impression for your practice. Start communicating more effectively with prospective patients!

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