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What Makes Some Medical Practices Stand Out From The Rest? - Blog Post

What Makes Some Medical Practices Stand Out From The Rest?

Health care marketing is more than just creative ad copy and attractive images. Health care marketing encompasses the full patient experience from the first touch point through the follow-up in-office appointment.

Often overlooked and undervalued in the marketing mix is the interpersonal side of marketing: human communication. Your staff members communicate with patients over the phone or in person every day that your office is open. Medical practices that outshine their competitors go above and beyond to ensure that patients have an exceptional experience, which includes over-the-phone communication.

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By following guidelines and systemizing processes across your practice, you will not only improve the quality of the interactions between office personnel and patients but you will improve your entire operation.

Quality Customer Service

With so much thought put into the digital-side of marketing, it’s not surprising that the human side of communication is frequently forgotten. The first rule to providing exceptional service is to answer a ringing phone before the fourth ring. By providing prompt service from the start of the patient’s experience will help pave a positive foundation for your practice.

Introduce Yourself

At the beginning of the conversion, the office staff should introduce themselves and the practice immediately. A proper greeting will ensure that the patient knows to whom they are speaking.

Be Clear and Concise

Keep your tone friendly and conversational, but don’t let the conversion turn into unnecessary chit-chat. You have a busy office to maintain and you also want to respect the prospective patient’s time. Without being rude, get to the point quickly and keep the conversation on track.

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