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A New Healthcare Website for A New Practice - Blog Post

A New Healthcare Website for A New Practice

New Website Launch:

Mark Thompson is an acupuncturist based in New York City. He provides acutherapy services (a completely new service to the acupuncture field) which combines acupuncture, manual therapy and corrective exercise.

In conjunction with the opening of his new office on Madison Avenue, Mark wanted to launch a new website for acutherapy. He came to docero to work with a team of professional medical marketers; our agency was responsible for conceiving his digital brand and designing a new acutherapy website – separate from his acupuncture website.

Client Design Consultation

Mark wanted this new website to really speak to high-performance, active New Yorkers and professional athletes. In addition, he wanted to highlight his main message: “Get back to doing what you love.”

Our Design Solution

For this project, we embraced the central message throughout the website. On the homepage we feature patient success stories so that a real connection can be felt from existing patients to prospective patients. Mark also wanted a lot of contrast on the website – high-end and sharp – to subliminally get his message across. The colors and the images we selected for the site are meant to signify a high-intensity feel, representative of their patient demographic.

Our Services

Top medical practices across the country seek out our talented design and marketing team in NYC. We specialize in creating or redesigning medical websites, but more importantly, our goal is to drive more patients to your practice through ongoing marketing efforts. Contact us for a free consultation today and learn more about our medical marketing services.