Strategies to Evaluate Your Current Situation & Maximize Your Marketing Budget for Today’s Healthcare Landscape

April 19, 2016

Marketing in today’s ever-shifting healthcare landscape can leave you with seemingly endless questions.

  • Should you reduce your budget in anticipation of fewer scheduled appointments?
  • Should you maintain your current strategy?
  • Should you increase your budget to build your online presence during a time when others may pull back?

Whether the realities of your practice necessitate a reduction of your marketing budget or whether you are positioned to aggressively grow your practice, maintaining your presence and doctor-patient relationship is key during times of uncertainty.

Failing to maintain your authority in the market place will reduce your top of mind awareness and allows other, more aggressive healthcare marketers to take advantage and leave your practice behind. 

To help you get the most out of your digital marketing, regardless of your situation, we compiled the top strategies to maximize your marketing budget.

1. Re-evaluate Your Target Patient’s Motivations to Schedule an Appointment

chair_blueFrom every office visit or elective surgery decision, patients expect a benefit or desirable outcome. What are the motivations that put them in the market for your product or service, and what do they base their decision on? Take note of their motivations, the factors affecting their decisions and the influencers in their life.

As a medical practice owner or independent surgeon, it’s important to take time to listen to your patients. What feedback are you receiving from those who schedule an appointment and from those who decide to hold off? What are their concerns and how can you address them?

For most practices, patient decisions can be held up due to a number of circumstances, including:

  • Fixation on negative events beyond a patient or doctor’s control
  • Dealing with multiple decision makers
  • Fear of risk or outcome
  • Cash flow issues

If any of these factors influence your target patient, how can you assuage their concerns and convince them to schedule an appointment with your practice?

2. Be Proactive

computer copy_blueWhen you feel your practice entering a slump, focusing on your marketing efforts becomes even more important. If you’ve hired a healthcare marketing agency, lean on them to help you, and take advantage of the resources available to them. A healthcare marketing agency like docero has the ability to analyze search engine data and trends in the marketplace that affect your practice. Work with these medical web experts to develop a marketing strategy and integrate it across all of your communication channels.

By working with an experienced healthcare marketing agency, you will gain access to a team of professionals who are experts at brainstorming campaign ideas or promotional opportunities. They will be able to give you sound recommendations based on years of experiences, such as:

  • How to deliver your message in a stronger way
  • Types of messages that have worked best for your specialty
  • How to best utilize your marketing budget
  • How to incorporate the best media mix in your campaign
  • How to maximize the number of leads you capture

3. Focus on Quality Content Creation & Strategically Distribute It

tool (1) copy_blueContent marketing in the healthcare industry is all about providing valuable information and it should be delivered according to where potential patients are in the buyer’s journey. We are all healthcare consumers, and as such, we seek to learn about potential solutions to our problem.

As the modern consumer, we are fact-hungry, tech-savvy, and highly informed. We want to evaluate different features or benefits of a product or service and read reviews before we book an appointment.

Through content marketing, you can effortlessly move patients through the buyer’s journey by feeding them information. Towards the end of their journey, you can encourage them to schedule an appointment with your practice.

Content marketing is the art of focusing your marketing efforts on help, rather than hype.

Content also plays a large role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As users, we seek answers to our questions, and in return, we expect search engines to deliver the most relevant answers. To ensure your website pages have top placement on Google ask yourself: is my content relevant and useful?

To assess the state of your current content, start by evaluating the information on your website.

  • Is it written for your ideal patient?
  • Does it Is it answer questions that your patients are seeking answers for?

Many independent doctors and private practices add a blog to their website and make a commitment to invest in quality articles related to their specialty. They continuously publish new, relevant content and invest in regular social media posts and engagement.

These communication channels offer a great way to provide answers to the varying topics that are of interest to your patients. And the new content builds your online presence so search engines and patients are even more likely to find you!

4. Utilize Your Database

networking copy_blueWhen business is slow, it can be tempting to shift your focus and target new patient segments. By altering your strategy, you may begin to stray from your business’ core patient.

Instead, take this opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your current and past patients by tapping into your existing patient email list. Additionally, consider a retargeting email campaign that targets old leads who never converted into paying patients. Email newsletters can be useful to share free tips, guides, DIY, or new products and services.


The strategies outlined above will help you maintain your relationship with your current patients and stay top of mind with your prospects, allowing you to remain the practice of choice even in a shifting healthcare landscape.

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