Tips on How to Choose Health Care Marketing Services

April 21, 2016

Health care marketing services include social media marketing, pay per click advertising, SEO, conversion rate optimization, blogging, practice liaison services, etc. With so many marketing options to choose from, it may feel overwhelming to pick a health care marketing channel or tactic that will work best for your practice.

In this article we outline tips for choosing the right marketing services for your practice.

Step 1: Define your business goals 

Choosing the right marketing mix for your practice will depend upon a few things.

  • First, what are your business goals?
  • What is the timeline in which you seek to achieve them?
  • How much money and resources are you willing to invest in reaching your goals?

By considering the resources, time and money needed to begin marketing your health care practice, you are setting realistic expectations for your practice. You may want to have all the bells and whistles that comprise a larger company's marketing plan, but it may not be realistic if you are limited by budget.

Step 2: Assess your CURRENT online presence

Next, you or your healthcare marketing agency will need to put together a practice assessment that analyzes your online presence and compares it to the top competitors in your area. Lucky for you, docero offers a free comprehensive practice assessment.

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With a competitive analysis in hand, you will be able to make decisions based on facts and data. If you are falling behind in the search engine rankings for highly searched keywords, you may want to consider investing part of your marketing budget in monthly SEO services.

Pay per click marketing makes sense if you are a private practice offering elective surgeries that consumers are searching for on Google. This way, you are 100% showing up for keywords that consumers are researching.

Step 3: Speak to an experienced health care marketing professional 

To maximize your marketing dollars, it’s important to enlist the advice of a medical web expert. He or she will be able to explain the digital marketing jargon that can make the whole process of marketing your practice seem confusing. Additionally, with their experience in the health care marketing field, they will be able to advise you of how best to allocate your medical marketing budget.

Typically, a combination of paid media, original content creation and SEO is recommended for practices who wish to aggressively grow their online patient acquisition engine. For those who wish to increase their brand awareness, a simple Facebook campaign may be the best marketing tactic to pursue. Again, it will depend on your business goals.

Step 4: After you outline a medical marketing strategy, do this

Once you’ve selected an appropriate marketing strategy for your practice, it’s very important to remain patient and keep your expectations realistic. If a marketing agency tells you that they can get you 100 new patients in the first month, don’t be surprised or disappointed if this does not happen. Because it won’t, unless you have unlimited money and resources – which most practices do not have. It takes time for medical marketing campaigns to ramp up!

As your campaign takes off, your medical web expert will collect powerful data that can be used to continuously optimize your campaign and drive more leads to your practice at a lower cost per lead.

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