Your Practice MUST Acquire Patient Testimonials for Medical Marketing

June 6, 2016

Medical marketing is extremely important for getting more patients. One of the most important facets of medical marketing is patient testimonials. They are an essential digital asset, and without them to validate the quality of your practice, new patients may turn to a competitor.

Why Patient Testimonials Are So Important to Medical Marketing

Patient testimonials are as vital to medical practices as product reviews are to Amazon. Before consumers pay for a new product or service, they first like to read reviews or ask a friend or family member for their recommendation. Savvy consumers know that the more research they do and the more informed their purchase is, the less likely they are to squander money.

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How They Can Affect Potential Patients

As you know, most research is conducted online via Google search. Prospective patients search for local medical practices and doctors, then compare them to each other. Not surprising, they base their comparison on three main criteria: the aesthetics of the website, convenience, and other patients’ feedback.

(This article is about patient testimonials, but if you want to learn more about modern healthcare websites, check out this blog post about healthcare website design.)

Patient testimonials are not to be overlooked when developing your online presence. Often, prospective patients scan patient testimonials for descriptors of the practice:

  • Is the office clean?
  • Are the doctors friendly?
  • Is there a long wait time?
  • Was their problem resolved?
  • Do they take insurance?
  • How was the overall experience?

Once you begin to acquire new patient testimonials, make sure you choose a group of diverse reviews to display on your website; they should provide prospective patients with an overview of your practice.

Having an array of honest testimonials will promote positive PR, build your reputation as a leading medical practice, and help persuade patients to schedule an appointment at your office.

How To Get Patient Testimonials

medical-marketing-testimonialsFinally, you may be wondering: how do I get these testimonials? Most patients will not jump through additional hoops to leave a testimonial. So, you need to do two things: You need to make it easy to submit a testimonial, and you need to encourage the behavior.

It could be as simple as embedding a patient feedback form on your website. Or sending patients a follow up email with a link to a quick survey. You could also have an anonymous paper form that patients could fill out after an in-office visit.

Overall, patient testimonials are a keystone of medical marketing that nobody can do without. If you aren't getting or publishing testimonials, it may be costing you patients. To learn more about acquiring patient testimonials and medical marketing tactics that will drive more local patients to your practice, contact us!

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