Measuring Success of Medical SEO – Conversions

August 23, 2016

If you engage in search engine optimization for your practice’s website, you should be able to identify what your measures of success or key performance indicators (KPIs) are. We’re here to share with you what we focus on at docero. We are big on performance and want to be clear with our doctors on what matters to us and understand what matters to them. Our KPIs are flexible, but these are the tried and true that we’ve seen consistent across our doctors’ websites.

Conversions are the number one key performance indicator for docero’s SEO marketing campaigns. We strive to measure everything that increases your patient volume and interactions with potential and current patients. Conversions are broken down into macro and micro conversions to help you have a better understanding of what conversions you’re capable of measuring.

Macro Conversions

Macro conversions are the big transactions that occur on your website. Macro conversions are directly related to the patient volume coming into your practice.

Online Appointment Requests

The easiest and most important key performance indicator for your website’s SEO is the amount of appointment requests your website generated from organic search. People used keyword searches to find your website, and the end result was an appointment request.

Phone Calls

People have called their doctors and healthcare practices as long as phones have been around. Sometimes, people need immediate attention or want the extra human touch that a phone call can provide. Using a call tracking provider, like CallRail, we can track what channel, like organic search, people used to find your website and then call you.

ZocDoc Link Clicks & Embedded Submissions

More doctors and healthcare practices are using software that allows patients to directly book appointments at the practice.

Clicks on ZocDoc buttons can be tracked, so we know exactly how many people we are sending to your ZocDoc profile to book an appointment. With this method, we don’t know how many people actually end up booking, so it’s important to work with your medical marketing agency to communicate the success your ZocDoc page is having.

If your website has a ZocDoc form built into it, we can track the amount of people getting to the final booking step.

We are seeing more integrations between healthcare profile websites and Google, so ZocDoc is becoming more valuable as an asset.


Supplement & Vitamin Sales

More doctors and practices are offering supplements, vitamins, and OTC through white labeling services. Using ecommerce tracking on your website’s shopping cart, we’re able to measure the revenue generated from products purchased. Selling on the website opens up new revenue streams from people who are not yet patients.

Micro Conversions

Micro conversions are smaller transactions that occur on your website. Micro conversions involve people taking smaller actions that lead to interaction with your practice and potentially result in an appointment request.

List Signups

Newsletter signups and email signups are helpful in keeping your patient-base informed about what’s going on with the practice and any other medical news in the community. For example, if you are an allergist, you can send out an e-mail to your patient-base about how bad ragweed allergies are during the upcoming time of year.

Patient Portal Logins & Signups

Patient portal logins and signups are an indicator that people are using your site for the purpose you’re providing. It is a positive sign to see patients visiting your site and using all the features that you’ve built into it. Patient portal use is a signal that your site provides a good user experience, and it gives you the opportunity to integrate your patients’ holistic treatment with your website experience.

Quiz Submissions

Quizzes are a way doctors and healthcare practices can engage their potential patients on their websites. Not only can patients find out more about their symptoms and conditions, you can use quiz results to better understand your potential patients’ most frequent problems and why they’re visiting your site.

Ebook Downloads

Ebooks are a valuable asset in displaying your knowledge on a subject and allow your potential patients to get more familiar with the conditions and symptoms they have. Ebooks also allow patients to learn more about treatments that you offer.

Conversions - The Most Important KPI

Conversions are the number one key performance indicator for our marketing campaigns. We are dedicated. Micro conversions provide additional methods to interact and integrate your patients into your practice.

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