Should Your Practice Use ZocDoc?

September 27, 2016

ZocDoc is a well-recognized name in the medical field but what is its purpose? ZocDoc allows patients to do a number of useful things, namely, find a doctor in their area.

It allows users to search for providers using three different parameters:

  • Location
  • Specialty
  • Accepted insurance providers

Once someone finds a doctor that fits their needs they can also book an appointment with that physician all without picking up the phone. This simplifies the process for a prospective patient of finding an appropriate doctor. It helps the doctors to be found more easily.

Once a patient has seen a doctor, they can leave a review of the doctor. Everything is centralized.

With all of these benefits, why would a practice choose not to use ZocDoc?

The primary reason why practices choose to avoid ZocDoc is cost. The typical cost runs $300/month per doctor. Many small practices need to budget their money and spending a large sum of money on ZocDoc most times isn’t possible.

This means that some practices are only able to list some of their doctors or doctors have to create and finance their own personal pages.

A secondary reason is that ZocDoc requires you sign up for a one-year contract. This means the money is committed for the term of the agreement.

A main reason why practices may choose ZocDoc alternatives is that it can be hard to track conversions processed using the software. For practices that want or need to ensure their money is well spent, this can be a major turnoff. Speaking of alternatives, if you don’t need the entire ZocDoc suite, you have options.

When it comes to booking software, you can subscribe to a service from the likes of Acuity Scheduling. They allow practices to easily set up calendars for each doctor and block out times when they’re unavailable. You can also set up automatic appointment reminders via email and text messages for both the patient and the doctor.

Finally, with regard to getting reviews from your patients, there are many options. Yelp, Google+ and Facebook all allow patients to leave reviews and are free. We encourage practices to get reviews from their patients to not only gauge their performance but also because they are one of the most powerful tools for gaining new customers. Yes, there are times when you might receive a negative review but they can be handled in such a way that actually benefits you.

Not sure which options work best for you? Let us help. As digital medical marketing professionals we’ve helped numerous practices become more visible and effective via their online presence. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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