When Should You Redesign Your Healthcare Website?

December 20, 2016

As a doctor you took the initiative and had a website created that showcased all the highlights of your practice, and you think you are all set, right? Not true. There are still some key aspects that you need to keep in mind to give you the edge over your competitors.

How important is it to have an updated Healthcare website?

Making sure that your website is up to date is crucial to your practice’s success. Having a site that performs well is more than just looking appealing to the eye. It has to be fully functioning. When was your healthcare website updated?

Here are some tips that may indicate it’s time to redesign elements of your practice’s website.

  • Mobile friendly – Is your site mobile friendly? Have your patients told you that your mobile site is hard to use or information is hard to find? Today, patients are primarily looking up their physicians on their mobile devices. Having a site that is not mobile friendly could really hinder your practice’s success. Patients tend to grow frustrated when a site won’t work properly which ultimately causes them to leave.
  • Simple navigation – A site that has too many menu options or is not easy to navigate through creates a frustrated user. These patients are much more likely to leave the site and not convert. It is important to have a site that is easily navigable on desktop as well as mobile. A website is all about the user’s experience.
  • Social media – Is your site linked to your social media accounts? It should be. Social media is a great way for your patients to follow your practice. Social media has become a huge tool for doctors to interact with their patients.
  • SEO- Having SEO content (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to how your site performs when it comes to search engines. Having SEO helps your site’s rank on practice specific keywords that ultimately help patients find you on the web.
  • Blogging – Does your site have blogs that are posted frequently? Blogs are an excellent way to not only help your site’s SEO but also provide great content that allows your patients to have their questions answered about any certain symptoms or procedures.

Are you ready to upgrade your site?

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