How to Write a Good Call to Action

February 21, 2017

When it comes to your practice website, there are several tools you can utilize to bring in new patients. These may be a contact form or a form for scheduling appointments. The third might not be so obvious; it’s your CTAs or “calls to action.” These are prompts to the reader and potential customer to take further action with the practice by contacting them or making an appointment.

CTA at work

This article will help to distil the key components of a well-written CTA and thus show you how to prompt new patients to take action.

Make Your Call to Action Great

Use Verbs / Be Enthusiastic

The purpose of a Call to Action is to do just what the name suggests, to prompt someone to take action. Being enthusiastic will motivate your users to do the same, and verbs make it clear what you want them to do. “Call us today for your free trial!” for example.

Use Numbers

Numbers can be used to create urgency and to incentivize potential patients. Just think how you feel when you see a sign saying “50% off” or “only 2 left.” Numbers are more quickly understood than words and they elicit a strong gut reaction from customers. Perhaps the only word that has as much pull is “free. 

Create Urgency

Though similar to incentive, urgency has to do with creating a deadline for your CTA. For example, this might mean telling a customer when a sale ends.

Create Incentive

Incentive on the other hand, most often refers to what the customer will get by following your CTA. An example might be a free pair of glasses from their optometrist. Combined with urgency, a CTA might read something like this: “Buy one pair of glasses, get a second free – sale ends tomorrow!” 

Speak to Your Customer / Use Their Language

It is important when crafting your CTAs to consider the language you’re using. It is often most effective to address your customer personally using the terms “you” or “your”. This makes them feel special and promotes a sense of community. Combine this with language they identify with and you’ve got a winning combination.

Placement / Visibility

Many posts only feature a CTA at the end of the article. However, research shows that most readers only make it through 60% of an article, so it pays to have a CTA towards the middle as well.

Each CTA should have a link to direct your visitors to the desired destination, such as an appointment form. This link can either be an in-text link or a button. A button should be visible, readable, and incorporate some part of the company’s color scheme. An in-text link should highlight the action. “Contact us” or “book an appointment,” for example

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