Understanding Website Security & Hosting

February 8, 2018

Why is everyone talking about website security?

Browsing the web may seem easy enough, but ensuring that your website is safe and secure is not always an easy task. Websites are prone to numerous security risks and leaving your website unsecured means you are exposing your practice website and its visitors to potential hazards. As a medical practice, it is important to keep your patients' sensitive health information protected online, especially if your website contains interactive web forms for patients.

Does my practice really need secure website hosting?

In short, yes. There are endless reasons why it is important to properly secure your practice's website through a trusted web hosting company, such as docero healthcare marketing. The most important reasons to secure your website include the following:

1. Malware isn’t picky.

Malware doesn’t discriminate, so your website is as much of a target as anyone else’s. The only websites out there that have immunity against malware are those that proactively seek out protection, such as secure website hosting. Without protection, a malware infection can show up at your doorstep at any moment, disrupting the normal functioning of your website and, unfortunately, also hurting your reputation.

2. Cyber threats are on the rise.

In today's world, cyber threats are everywhere and they continue to pop up in new places every day. As internet technology has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, the importance of online security has grown exponentially. That's why it is so important to be proactive with your website by taking the proper precautions to secure your digital presence and mitigate any future security risks.

3. Your visitors could be at risk.

Patients and prospective patients who visit your site should be protected from hackers, malware, and other web security concerns. The last place your patients will expect to feel unsafe is on their doctor's website. Moreover, if your site transfers patient information through website forms, you are responsible for protecting sensitive health information according to HIPAA standards.

Is your website protected from cyber threats?

Contact our specialists at docero today to receive a free evaluation of your website security. We are happy to work with you to ensure that your practice website and patients are safe and secure from cyber threats.

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