What Are the Benefits of Creating Patient Education Materials for My Practice?

March 15, 2018

What are patient education materials?

Patient education materials could include anything from social media infographics, blogs, website content, or print handouts/brochures for your office. Spending time creating high-quality, professional, and custom educational materials for your practice not only builds your brand but, more importantly, transfers valuable information to your patients about their health. If you're like many physicians, your schedule is jam-packed and has little or no extra time to create your own educational materials. In these cases, it may benefit you to invest in a full-service digital healthcare marketing company to create those valuable practice assets for you.

What should I include in medical education materials for my patients?

Educating your patients is a vital part of running a medical practice that keeps a clear line of communication with your patients, establishes your practice as an authority in your field, and most importantly, helps aid your patients through their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery at your practice. Your patient education materials could cover any number of areas that your practice specializes in, but in general, could include:

  • Information about a medical condition
  • How to decide between treatment options
  • How to prepare for a procedure
  • What to expect during a procedure
  • Recovery instructions following a procedure

Why does my practice need patient education materials?

Better communication with your patients.

Most people can only retain a small portion of what you relay verbally, so providing a written or visual representation of your patient’s important health information can greatly help them understand what you are explaining.

Less patient anxiety.

Patients are often in a state of anxiety when visiting a doctor since they often have a health concern. When stressed, it is more difficult to retain information, which means utilizing patient education materials is imperative to ensure they’re getting all of the information they need.

More time in your schedule.

With custom patient education tools at your fingertips, you’ll be able to provide expert-level information and instructions on a variety of topics without needing to repeat it verbally for each patient. In turn, this frees up your schedule and gives you more time to do what you do best--care for your patients.

Could your benefit from patient education materials?

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