How Can Online Patient Testimonials Influence Prospective Patients?

June 14, 2018

What is word-of-mouth marketing?

When happy customers share how much they enjoy a business, product, or service in an unpaid and unsolicited way, it’s known as word-of-mouth marketing. People who hear or read positive reviews about a product or service from a previous consumer are more likely to invest in that service or product. Word-of-mouth marketing creates a level of trust that money simply can’t buy.

Do I need patient testimonials on my website if they exist on other platforms?

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there, and a rave review from a patient can be the driving force behind why a prospective patient chooses your practice over another. However, the internet is full of online review platforms to sort through, which can cause important information to get lost or overlooked. Bringing positive patient reviews onto your website provides valuable word-of-mouth insights to your potential patients, without them having to sift through external platforms. If your practice is seeking an effective way to bring your practice’s skills, strengths, and unique qualities to the forefront, having patient testimonials directly on your website is a smart and practical solution. 

Why are patient testimonials an important part of my practice’s website?

You establish trust with new patients.

Sharing patient testimonials lets potential patients know your practice is reliable based on credible, first-hand patient feedback. Testimonials can help humanize your brand and help prospective patients form an emotional connection to your practice. Prospective patients will be able to see that patient needs are valued at your practice, thus instilling their confidence in choosing your practice.

You avoid the risk of being passed over.

While testimonials can instill trust in your practice, not having any patient feedback on your website may have the opposite effect. A patient looking for a reliable doctor is more likely to skip over a practice with no testimonials due to lack of information. When there are no customer reviews available, it leaves room for potential patients to question your practice's services and if they should consider another practice.

You secure recurring patients’ satisfaction in you.

Gaining new patients for your practice is important, but acknowledging your current patients is also important. You want all of your patients to know how much their loyalty means to you. Giving patients an opportunity to express themselves in a public forum lets them know that you value their opinion and patronage. Practices that take stock of their patients’ comfort are more likely to keep those patients coming back again and again.

Could your practice benefit from highlighting patient testimonials on your medical website?

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