3 Reasons to Include a Professional Bio on Your Medical Website

June 28, 2018

What are the pros of having an online bio?

Hiring medical content writers who know the healthcare industry inside and out is critical to the success of your website. Your professional bio is just one of the many ways that you can make a great first impression on your potential patients. Your online bio is an opportunity to introduce yourself to prospective clients and sell them on why your practice is the best choice for their needs. A poorly written bio can cause patients to overlook your services and even deter them from considering your practice. Your online presence is just as important as it is in person, so remember to always make sure your online bio paints a compelling picture.

What can a well-written bio do for my practice?

Grant you an opportunity to highlight your expertise.

Your medical bio is a chance to feature your professional skills and achievements for all potential patients to see. If you’ve received specific awards or accolades throughout your career, highlighting those key achievements can stand out to prospective clients and raise their level of confidence in your practice. A bio also allows you to highlight the number of years you’ve worked in a particular field, which can help set you apart from other doctors in your field who may not be as experienced.

Give you a chance to make a personal connection.

When looking for a new doctor, potential patients take into account whether the person they are researching is someone they feel they can entrust with their personal health needs. Being comfortable at the doctor’s office is a top priority for many people. Going beyond a generic bio and tying in your personal backstory can help make you seem more approachable. Telling prospective clients why you became a doctor or about the volunteer work that you do outside of the office can help create a connection between you and your prospective patients.

Provide a way to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking.

When searching online for a medical practice, prospective patients use keywords that reflect their health needs. If your content features those keywords, your website has a better chance of standing out to those potential patients within their search engine results. Your bio is another opportunity to introduce important keywords into your website’s content, thus giving your website another opportunity to boost its SEO ranking.

Does your professional bio reflect the values and expertise of your practice?

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