Is Email Marketing An Outdated Practice?

July 27, 2018

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that businesses use to communicate with their audience via electronic mail. Using a strategy such as email marketing can strengthen a business’s connection to their clientele, as well as encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. If your practice is able to deliver a smart and creative campaign that well reflects the needs of your patients, you have the opportunity to help reinforce your practice’s credibility as well as boost your presence online.

Do I need to engage patients through email marketing if I am engaging with them through social media?

Despite the fact that new options for digital advertising pop up regularly, email marketing continues to be a front-runner. Email marketing is analytically proven to be one of the most successful and cost-efficient strategies to incorporate into your overall campaign. While not every patient is likely to be active on social media, there is a larger possibility that a patient uses an email address as a source of communication.

Why are email campaigns an important part of your practice’s marketing strategy?

Targeted content opportunities.

In the same way that social media is a great platform for reaching your patients on a larger scale, email marketing is also a great tactic to connect with a more targeted group of patients. If you practice is looking to reach a certain age or gender demographic, emails can be crafted to support your specific needs. With email marketing, you have the ability to customize and personalize your communication with your patients. This, in turn, helps your business relationships grow stronger. Targeted emails are also a great opportunity to follow up with new patients or reach out to patients that haven’t made an appointment in a while, helping to get you back on their radar.

A chance to get patient feedback.

What better time to gain feedback from a patient than immediately after their appointment? With automated email campaigns, you can schedule messages to be delivered to patients moments after they leave your office. Customizing emails to be sent right after a patient’s visit can help keep you fresh in their mind, creating an ideal opportunity to request feedback. Using an automated email campaign, you can proactively direct patients to social media platforms or online review sites to write a review on your services. This can help guarantee that the feedback goes live instantly to immediately start boosting your online brand.

Measurable analytics.

One of the greatest values of email marketing is the ability to track a campaign’s success using web analytics. By looking at an email campaign’s open rates and click-through rates you have the ability to measure what techniques are working and what techniques you can improve. Here at docero we test ad copy variations and different images to ensure you are receiving the best results with every campaign. 

Could your practice benefit from engaging patients through email marketing?

Partner with the strong marketing and design team at docero to build an email marketing campaign that engages your patients and reinforces your brand. Request a free consultation with one of our marketing experts, who can provide you with professional recommendations and options for your practice's digital marketing strategy.

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