New Dental Sleep Site Launch!

September 28, 2018

New Healthcare Website for a New Practice:


With a team of leading dentists who provide practical treatment solutions, including oral appliances that are customized to your needs, Dental365Sleep is New York’s sleep expert for treating snoring and sleep-related disorders.

Client Design Consultation

Since 2017, docero has been working with Dental365 developing and designing their primary dentistry website. Dental365 then reached out to us to develop their sister website, Dental365Sleep, to highlight their snoring and sleep apnea services. The end results? A seamless experience where patients can navigate into Dental365Sleep and still easily recognize the Dental365 brand. 

image of

Our Design Solution

When approaching the website design for Dental365Sleep, our main focus was to keep the branding from the Dental365Sleep website consistent with the already established Dental365 website. So, for Dental365Sleep, we maintained a blue color scheme, with darker blue hues being used to create a "night-time" effect for the highlighted snoring and sleep apnea services. The banner imagery and messaging co-exist to reflect a problem and provide a solution to various sleep-related conditions. For Dental365Sleep, the well-known tooth logo from Dental 365, now wears a nightcap and has been updated to all location pins and hover effects throughout the website.

Our Services

Top medical practices across the country seek out our talented design and marketing team in NYC. We specialize in creating and redesigning medical websites, but, more importantly, our goal is to drive more patients to your practice through ongoing marketing efforts.

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