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Marketing Services for Obesity Medicine


Grow Your Practice with Bariatric Marketing Services

Overweight and obesity are more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. Many patients who are suffering from these conditions do not achieve the weight loss results they are seeking from simple diet and exercise plans alone. More and more, people are seeking online information on alternative weight loss procedures from credible specialists in the bariatrics field. It is critical that bariatric surgeons hone in on this need by establishing a strong online presence through healthcare marketing.

What is bariatric medical marketing?

docero is an NYC digital marketing agency, providing healthcare practices the ability to grow their patient base through comprehensive marketing services, including:

Why does a bariatric surgery practice need medical marketing?

Patients in our modern world expect to be able to research symptoms, choose a preferred practice, and schedule an appointment all from their phone or computer screen. In our increasingly online society, healthcare practices must build a competitive web presence in order to reach patients. However, it is more complex than simply building a medical website or adding your practice to social media networks. A strong online presence means having dedicated healthcare marketing experts conduct keyword research for your specific area and practice before launching a unique, well-branded website and social media platforms. It also means creating new, relevant content for your targeted demographic.

Why use docero for facial plastic surgery marketing?

Our goal at docero healthcare marketing is to help bariatric doctors to establish new patient leads and to better serve existing patients by building a strong web presence. docero’s team of medical marketing experts help bariatric practices build meaningful communication with current and prospective patients through search engine optimization, unique design and branding, and clear, informative content.

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