Healthcare and Medical Display Ads

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Connect with More Users Online Through Display Advertisements

Display ads for doctors and healthcare practices are similar to Google’s PPC ads, but, rather than appearing at top of the search results, display ads are embedded on other websites that your target audience frequent. As an agency, we purchase online media space and manage the cost of serving it to prospective patients in your area. We ensure your ads are placed on websites that are most relevant to your specialty and your practice’s services.

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Types of Display Advertising

With display ads, there is a lot of opportunity to be creative. Unlike static, text-based ads, display ads can be interactive; they have many different formats and can contain text, images, video, and audio. Your strategy should use and test a variety of elements. We implement the mix that grabs a user’s attention and leads to the most conversions.

Prospective Patient Decision Making Process

While PPC ads may reach more prospective patients at the exact moment they are ready to schedule an appointment, display ads raise brand awareness. This type of ad is much more visible across the web but may be less likely to translate into clicks. That being said, brand awareness remains a critical component in a consumer’s decision making process. Display ads may not directly lead to a conversion on your website the first time the ad is viewed; it may, however, be attributed to a successful conversion later in the decision making process.

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