Hedgehog & docero FAQ

We are thrilled to have you with us and greatly appreciate your patience as we transition your account to our systems this week. To make this process as seamless as possible, we have outlined a list of expected questions that may arise during this time. We encourage you to reach out if you need any additional information.

What is happening with Hedgehog and who is docero?

For quite some time, Hedgehog has been seeking a partner with complementary values and services who could expand the solutions offered to their clients. By joining the docero team, Hedgehog clients will retain all of the services they have come to expect, in addition to benefiting from a wide range of new services aimed at increasing patient acquisition through online marketing.

Founded in 2013, docero is a full-service healthcare marketing agency based in New York City. Just like Hedgehog, we work exclusively with healthcare practices and specialize in website development and digital marketing campaigns. Our in-house team consists of website developers, graphic designers, clinical copywriters, SEO specialists, and account managers who all work together to serve our clients – ranging from single provider practices to large multi-specialty groups.

How will this transition impact my existing website and services?

In transitioning to docero, your website, hosting environment, and service rates will all remain the same. Our team has extensive experience working with the technology used to build your website, and we’re confident that the docero team can provide you with exceptional service from day one. As part of the transition process, we will review each website one-by-one to understand how we can best serve you and your practice.

Who should I contact when I have questions or concerns?

At docero, every client is assigned to a dedicated account manager. This individual will be your primary point of contact, capable of assisting you with website edits, service changes, billing inquiries, and campaign performance. Your account manager will reach out on Wednesday, October 4th to schedule an introductory call and answer any questions you may have.

In addition, the Hedgehog team will still be available and involved in your account to ensure your continued success with docero. Together, we aim to make this process as simple and effortless as possible – providing zero interruption to your services during this transition.

How will this impact my subscription and billing cycle?

For the vast majority of accounts, your subscription and billing cycle will remain exactly the same. docero follows the same automated monthly billing cycle as Hedgehog, so you will continue to see the same service charges each month, applied to the same form of payment you have used in the past. The only changes you may notice is the company name on your credit card statement, which will now read “docero” rather than “HIPPA Digital.”

Because docero manages all subscription payments through automated credit card transactions, clients who have historically paid by check will be required to provide an alternative form of payment moving forward.

What services can docero offer that were not available through Hedgehog?

As previously mentioned, docero offers a variety of services that can enhance your marketing programs to drive more patients to your practice:

  • HIPAA secure appointment request management
  • Custom website development
  • Social media strategy and campaign management
  • Google search (PPC) advertising campaigns
  • Search engine optimization
  • Personalized email marketing strategy and execution
  • Clinical copywriting services
  • Website call tracking and recording

Your account manager will provide you with a full list of available services and will be accessible to answer any questions.

For any questions not answered here, please contact us for more information.