Healthcare and Medical Retargeting Ads

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What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting gets you in front of prospective patients once more. After a user leaves your website, we can track the online behavior of that person and serve ads to them as they browse other sites. At docero, our team will configure your website to track all website visitors, setup your retargeting audience, and develop the ad copy and creative to go with your retargeting campaign.

It’s easier to understand retargeting from a consumer’s standpoint. Have you ever shopped online? If you have, you’ve probably been a part of an e-commerce retailer’s retargeting campaign. For instance, if you abandon your shopping cart before entering your payment information, you may start to notice advertisements following you around online with those exact same items you didn’t purchase in the image of the retargeting ads.

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Increase Your Online Conversions & Get More Patients

Without question, a portion of your marketing budget should go towards funding a retargeting campaign. If you are already allocating marketing dollars to paid advertising, such as social media or PPC campaign, you are most likely converting some of your site traffic.

But what happened to the other 98%? With retargeting, you have an opportunity to reengage potential patients who didn’t convert on your website the first time.

Since you’re already paying big bucks for these digital marketing campaigns, you should attempt to reengage those who didn’t convert. The best part about retargeting is that it costs less to retarget those users.

Types of Retargeting Ads for Medical Practitioners

Retargeting exists in the form of Facebook ads, display ads on Google Adwords and email marketing. In our experience, the best platform to reach and retarget potential patients is Facebook, a largely consumer-driven platform, and email campaigns. Depending on your specialty and the types of services you offer, Facebook and email retargeting could make a huge different to your overall marketing campaign.

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