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To keep patients visiting your site, it must be engaging. Without consistent, fresh content, an initial site visit from a prospective patient can be their last. So, at docero, we deliver valuable, educational, and informative blogs that attract, drive, and maintain steady traffic to your practice site.

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What is blog management?

Blog management involves outlining, developing, and maintaining a set schedule in which informational content is delivered to your website for users to read, learn, and enjoy. Blogging is essential for educating patients, enforcing your field expertise and knowledge, and driving consistent website traffic.

How will blog management benefit my practice?

  • Improved Visibility and Website Performance: The top source for finding information online is Google. So, at docero, we integrate valuable SEO keywords into every blog to help boost your Google ranking, increase brand visibility, and drive website traffic.
  • Added Care, Trust, and Credibility: As a provider of medical care, patients expect that you know your stuff. If a prospective patient visits your site and feels there is not an appropriate amount or standard of information, they may look elsewhere for the same services.  So, at docero, we develop libraries of valuable blog content to enforce your credibility and experience and build trust between you and your patients.
  • Consistent Communications and Engagement: A prospective patient visits your site and books an appointment. While this is a huge success, it does not ensure that patients will visit your site again. With docero’s blogging services you can help encourage recurring website visits with fresh, relevant content that attracts, educates, and consistently engages your existing and prospective patients.

What to expect with docero’s blog management services

At docero, we take the time to understand your unique practice goals and vision for your blogging platform. We then ideate and develop scheduled monthly content based on internal keyword research and insights from your practice.

To track the success of your blogs, we provide routine progress reports, so you can see how much traffic each blog brings to your website. We also pair you up with an experienced docero account manager who can help answer any questions that you may have along the way.

Why choose docero for blog management?

At docero, our writers have years of experience creating original website content and blogs across a variety of medical specialties, providing compelling website content that drives online visibility, attracts, engages, and inspires patients to come back to your website again and again.

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