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From choosing the right audience to choosing the right messaging, there are many moving parts to a successful online campaign. Neglect or miscalculate just one step and your campaign efforts could cause your practice to fall short of its goals. At docero, we offer complete pay-per-click campaign services, providing research-based campaigns that target specific audiences, increase visibility, and provide clear messaging to drive more patients to your website.

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What is pay-per-click advertising?

Pay-per-click is a form of digital advertising displayed through search engines, such as Google, and social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. At docero, we develop successful pay-per-click campaigns that include landing pages, keywords, ad copy, and strategic targeting and messaging to help your practice site achieve premium online visibility that drives website traffic.

How will pay-per-click advertising benefit my practice?

  • Top-Of-The-Line Visibility and Website Performance: Whether your website is newly launched or has been up for years, if you are not promoting your website, prospective patients may never know your website or practice exists. At docero, we provide pay-per-click advertising services to give your website premium placement in Google search engine results and across social media platforms, increasing visibility and driving more patients to your practice site.
  • Target Relevant, Receptive Audiences: If you launch a campaign without thinking about who you are trying to reach, then you may be reaching out to and advertising to audiences who do not need your services. With docero’s pay-per-click advertising, you have the power to target specific patient groups based on age, gender, and other demographics that would be most receptive to your brand and services, increasing the likelihood that prospective patients will click to visit your site.
  • Streamlined, Data-Driven Messaging: Messaging is key. Convey the wrong messaging, advertise language that does not align with what patients are looking for, or send users to the wrong place on your website and you can lose prospective patients. So, at docero, we perform extensive keyword research to help craft tailored messaging and call-to-actions that align with what your prospective patients need and are actively searching for online. We then link your ad campaign to pages of your website that are most relevant to your campaign messaging, providing clear, consistent messaging, from start to finish.

What to expect with docero’s pay-per-click services

With docero’s pay-per-click services you can expect personalized, effective online ad campaigns that improve visibility and website traffic. We begin by taking the time to understand your practice, your unique brand goals, and vision. We then perform internal keyword research to understand how patients are searching for your services online and utilize these insights to drive content, messaging, targeting goals, and overall strategy.

Once your campaign has been deployed, track your campaign success with detailed reports and diagnostics that display the status of your campaign. And with routine monitoring and data-driven optimization of keywords, landing pages, and targeting strategies, you can be sure that your campaign is always tracking for success.

Why choose docero for pay-per-click services?

At docero, we have years of experience and a strong focus in the healthcare and marketing industry. We understand patient behavior and utilize research-driven methods that allow us to develop targeted, successful, and optimizable campaigns that drive more patients to your practice website.

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