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In the world of healthcare, a good reputation matters, but your reputation can only be as good as your patients’ opinions — and not every opinion will be a good one. Poor patient experiences that manifest into negative online reviews, usually can’t be removed, and, ultimately, influence prospective patients. So, at docero, we offer reputable reputation management tools to help monitor online review platforms and proactively generate positive reviews to build and safeguard your online reputation.

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What is reputation management?

Review sites, like Google, are a part of your overall online presence and impact how prospective patients perceive you. When patients leave bad reviews, it can be damaging to your online reputation and overall image. Reputation management, which is the act of monitoring and managing your practice’s presence or individual doctor profiles on the web, can help uphold your online reputation and keep patients coming to your practice.

How will reputation management benefit my practice?

  • Control Over Your Reputation: By neglecting to scan reviews of your practice and by not asking patients for feedback, you leave the door open for your image to become tarnished, putting your reputation in the hands of every unsatisfied patient. At docero, we give your practice control over your reputation, providing your practice with post-appointment surveys that allow you to proactively gauge patients on their experience and resolve any negative feedback before it finds its way onto the internet.
  • Improved Visibility and Website Performance: Online reviews don’t just affect how patients perceive your practice, they also affect how Google perceives your practice, with negative reviews weakening Google ranking. At docero, we give your practice tools that help encourage positive reviews on Google, improving your Google ranking and extending your patient reach.
  • Enhanced Credibility and Trust: Bad online reviews can discredit your practice and turn prospective patients off. On the flip side, positive reviews can build trust, establish credibility, and win over prospective patients. So, at docero, we offer tools to help hide bad reviews and promote good reviews, positively shaping patient perceptions and giving prospective and existing patients heightened confidence and trust in your practice.

What to expect with docero’s reputation management services

Maintaining your reputation online is essential to establishing credibility among prospective patients. With docero, we help prevent negative reviews and encourage positive ones to help build and protect your online reputation on review sites, increase your visibility, and attract more patients to your practice.

Why choose docero for reputation management?

At docero, we have years of experience and a strong focus in the healthcare industry. We understand patient behavior and have the tools to help generate positive online reviews, proactively recieve patient feedback, and address negative feedback before it makes its way online.

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