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With everything going on in your practice on a daily basis, the security of your website is probably the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, your website is prone to many online threats, and failing to monitor its security could expose your practice and its visitors to potential risks.

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What is website hosting & maintenance?

Website hosting and maintenance is an essential part of upkeeping your online presence. Hosting is the service of storing your website files online to ensure visitors are able to access your website at all times. Maintenance is the service of updating and improving your website through content changes, SEO tweaks, and other performance-based updates.

How does website hosting & maintenance benefit my practice?

  • Prevent Service Outages: Without a reliable hosting provider, your website could be offline for days or even weeks before you realize there is a problem. docero utilizes the latest uptime monitoring technology to ensure our team is notified in real-time about any connection problems, avoiding prolonged and costly service outages for your practice.
  • Security and Peace of Mind: Healthcare websites are prime targets for online attacks since they often collect and transmit electronic protected Health Information (ePHI). docero’s comprehensive security environment constantly monitors your website and blocks any suspicious activities that could lead to a security breach.
  • Technical Support and  Troubleshooting: Managing your domain names, website files, and email accounts can be a time-consuming task. docero’s team of IT specialists are experts in this area and can ensure you always have the technical support you need to troubleshoot internal domain and hosting issues.

What to expect with docero’s website hosting & maintenance services

Hosting your website with docero will give you peace of mind in knowing your practice is supported by best-in-class technology and technical support. Our team will help to coordinate the logistics with your current service provider and make transferring your website and domain information as easy as possible.

Why choose docero for website hosting & maintenance?

docero has extensive experience hosting and managing hundreds of healthcare websites across the country. Our exclusive focus in the healthcare industry has given us extensive insight into the unique technical needs of medical and dental practices.

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