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Out with the old, in with the new

In a world where design, technology, and human behavior are always evolving, it can be hard to keep ahead, and easy to fall behind. In fact, every year, the standard for building websites changes. So, at docero, we run full site assessments, evaluating the overall efficiency of your website and making updates where needed to enhance site performance.

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What is a website takeover?

A website takeover is essential to the performance of your website and your overall practice. Website takeovers involve taking your existing website and making it better, but of course, only where better is needed. If you are looking to upgrade your site, in any way, shape, or form, docero makes it easy to scrap your old site, or just parts of your old site, for a fresh new model that can help improve performance and drive more patients to your site.

How will a website takeover benefit my practice?

  • Design Upgrade: Your site is a reflection of your practice. So if your website is poorly designed or outdated, it can not only distract visitors, but it can also cause patients to view your practice and services as outdated as well. At docero, we offer layout and design updates to give your website a clean, modern look and feel that appeals to your patients and positively reflects your practice and services.
  • Improved Visibility and Performance: Having a stunning website that goes unseen is almost as damaging as not having a website. If your website is not showing up in Google’s search engine results or if your site is not compatible with certain devices, you are losing prospective patients. At docero, we not only make websites fully responsive and compatible across all digital devices, but we also optimize website content for search engines, integrating valuable keywords that help improve site visibility in Google and drive more patients to your site.
  • Enhanced Performance Tracking: Knowing specific website performance metrics, such as which website pages users visit the most or which pages users stay on longest, can help you to understand what is working on your site and what is not. Without the right tools for tracking your website stats, you may be losing valuable marketing insights. At docero, we utilize the latest tools to monitor, measure, manage, and enhance website performance, keeping your website running as good as new.

What to expect with docero’s website takeover services

Your journey towards enhancing your current website begins with a full assessment of your current site along with a consultation call to discuss your current website and recommended site updates. Based on your needs and goals, we then deliver superior site upgrades that deliver measurable results.

Why choose docero to takeover your website?

At docero, we work across a multitude of medical websites, implementing the latest technology and services to transform outdated or underperforming websites into stunning performance-driven sites that attract more patients to your practice.

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