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Healthcare and Medical Website Design


Designed to Drive More Patients to Your Practice

Today, patients are more active and informed healthcare consumers. As such, they conduct extensive research before deciding where they will receive care. The design of your medical website is critical to capturing a prospective patient’s attention online.

Everything from your website’s images to the type of fonts you select should reflect your brand identity. For instance, if you are an orthopedic surgeon specializing in treating young athletes, your website should incorporate images that reflect your target patient demographic. Otherwise, the website will seem irrelevant to your prospective patient group.

Our team of highly-trained designers have years of experience designing medical websites for a variety of specialties. We’ve refined our skills; we know the best practices for designing a doctor’s website, and we apply our learned techniques to clients’ websites. To get more information about our design process or to see examples of our work, fill out the “request a consultation” form. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful website for your practice!

What Makes a Medical Website Design Standout?

Great design effortlessly guides a user through the site. If a user gets lost or confused during their interaction with your website, poor design is to blame. If you are looking to redesign your website or to build a new website, you need professional designers with experience in the healthcare industry.

Medical website design incorporates many different elements, including:

  • Visually guiding the user’s eyes over each page
  • Spacing between page elements
  • Selecting complementary colors from your brand’s color palette
  • Creating a clear navigation bar on the site
  • Designing it to be responsive on all device types
  • Maintaining consistency throughout the site
  • Utilizing typography to match your brand
  • Aligning the site elements to appeal to the eye
  • Choosing sharp images and graphics with appropriate pixel resolution

Whether you’re redesigning your website or giving your existing website a facelift, don’t wait to get started. We work fast to deliver your website within 8-10 weeks after your initial design consultation. 

Schedule a consultation to learn more about our medical website design services and get started today!