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Physician Liaison Program


What is a physician liaison?

A physician liaison is a professional representative who creates peer-to-peer networking opportunities with local referring providers in the communities surrounding your practice. The goal of a physician liaison is to increase your monthly patient referrals by identifying new referral sources and strengthening relationships with existing referring providers.

How do physician liaison services increase patient volume?

A successful physician liaison program begins with a comprehensive relationship building strategy to identify which existing referral sources are the most valuable to your practice, and where new relationships can be developed to generate additional referral volume.

Acting as an extension  of your practice, your physician liaison will interact with other providers in the communities surrounding your office to understand their existing referral patterns, and educate them about the unique benefits and offerings provided by your practice.

Your physician liaison will provide each target practice with custom practice brochures and business cards so they can learn more about your practice and reach out with any questions they may have about referring potential patients. Each practice is also left with a custom referral pad to make sharing your practice information as fast and effortless as possible.

Over time, these recurring visits help to deepen the relationship between your practice and the referring practices in your area, building trust, which in turn leads to increased patient referrals.

What is the lifetime value of a physician liaison program?

All referral sources are not created equal. Many times, the 80/20 rule is present when examining the existing referral sources of a practice. Eighty percent of the new patient referrals are generated by twenty percent of the referring practices. By implementing a professional physician liaison program, your practice can focus on building relationships with the target practices who can make the biggest impact on your practice’s appointment schedule. Creating a new relationship that leads to a quality referral source can generate recurring patient opportunities for your practice, years beyond your subscription to a physician liaison program.

What can a physician liaison do for your practice?

A physician liaison can:

  • Identify new referral sources in the communities surrounding your practice
  • Improve relationships with existing referral sources to ensure your practice remains at the top of their referral list
  • Educate existing and potential referral sources about the unique benefits of your practice, including available treatments and procedures
  • Keep your professional network up to date about your scheduling capabilities, hospital affiliations, office locations, and insurance policies accepted by your practice

Why hire a professional liaison service?

Launching a physician liaison program is a complicated undertaking with substantial administrative and training responsibilities. By hiring an experienced physician liaison firm, you avoid the administrative responsibilities of the program and can focus your attention on appointments with new patients.

Benefits of outsourcing your physician liaison program include:

  • Work with an experienced professional who has a track record of successfully building referral relationships
  • Get access to cutting edge software and a national physician database to identify and target the referral sources that will have the biggest impact on your practice
  • Receive comprehensive reporting to measure referral data trends from each of your referral sources
  • Enjoy improved efficiency and cost savings by only paying for what you need, rather than hiring a full-time employee

What can you expect from docero’s physician liaison program?

When using physician liaison marketing with docero, you can expect the following:

  • Dedicated support team – A dedicated team of marketing and client service specialists assist you throughout your healthcare liaison program. Our team is committed to providing you with excellent customer care and diligent assistance with any questions or needs as we build your practice’s medical referral program.
  • Relationship-building services – docero works hard to provide physician liaison services that go above and beyond to create strong, long-lasting relationships between physicians. We know that solid, trusting relationships translate to increased patient referrals.
  • Comprehensive performance reporting – docero establishes your personal practice liaison goals and provides a detailed monthly performance report to monitor success. Reports include a detailed call list with metrics, which measures revenue growth, referral volume, number of new relationships, number of visits, action items, feedback and outcomes.
  • Marketing development – Our team provides your practice with personalized marketing materials, such as referral pads, tri-fold brochures, and innovative designs to help your practice stand out and resonate with referrers and patients alike.

If your practice is considering physician liaison services, call docero today at 212-580-0988 or fill out the form on this page to schedule a free consultation.