docero Website Maintenance Policy

docero’s monthly maintenance service line is used to help edit and maintain certain aspects of your website. As part of your monthly retainer, your designated account manager will make your desired changes on your behalf, so you don’t have to!

**If a deliverable is outlined in your service agreement as part of your monthly recurring services, the deliverables are automatically included in your monthly scope.

Understanding Website Maintenance

  • Maintenance constitutes website edits that fall within the scope and capabilities of the Account Manager
  • Maintenance requests will be given estimated completion dates and expectations by your designated Account Manager
  • The amount of monthly maintenance time is based on your service package outlined in your order form
  • Maintenance will be serviced on a first come first serve basis, and placed in the queue of “monthly maintenance requests”

Examples of “Website Maintenance” Includes the Following Requests:

  • Website Content Updates
  • Adding / Removing Locations
  • Adding / Removing Doctors
  • Change of Hours
  • Change of Phone / Fax Numbers
  • Pop-up Implementations and Edits
  • Upload News / Publications
  • Upload Documents (Patient Paperwork, etc.)
  • Change / Update Links
  • Update Header / Footer Menus
  • Create New Pages Utilizing the Pre-Existing Standard Page Template
  • Upload Website Gallery Images
  • Error Resolutions / Troubleshooting
  • Updating Contact Form Recipients

Examples of Requests Not Included in “Website Maintenance”

  • Home Page Layout Edits: (requiring code or custom design)
  • Website Feature Add-ons
  • Adding New Sections to the Home Page or Pre-Existing Page Templates
  • Incorporating New Code Logic
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Photo Retouching to Website Gallery Images
  • Custom Design Assets (brochures, business cards, print material, etc.)
  • Changing the Initial Page Layout Formatting
  • Client Induced Errors (resulting from granting site access)
  • Clinical / Non-Clinical Content Page Production (including research, optimization, and upload of the page)
  • Logo, Color Scheme, Branding Changes
  • Global Edits that Impact the Logic of the Whole Site
  • Changes in the Form Logic

Requests for above services do not constitute maintenance, and need to be purchased as a la carte design and development product lines or hours. You can speak with your account manager about purchasing the appropriate design and development services lines to complete your desired requests.

Impacts of Requested Changes to Your Website

Your custom website is built with logic and function to make it function better, and easy to edit and scale. Some maintenance requests will break this logic, and have long standing impacts on the future functionality of your website. Your account manager will notify you of any requested changes that may impact this functionality. If core website functionality and logic is compromised, future changes may take longer or no longer be possible using maintenance and require you to purchase hourly design and development services to accomplish the requested changes. The client assumes responsibility for changes once they are notified of the potential future implications by their designated account manager.

Making Your Own Website Edits

You own your website, and all assets that encompass your site; meaning, you can make edits. However, our maintenance service line offers to do this for you, and prevent you from inadvertently making changes that may break the logic of the site. The website back end is a complicated technology that requires understanding of HTML and WordPress to manage successfully (especially with complex website logic). If you choose to access and edit your own website, you will be provided with a notice alerting you of the risks that come with editing your website. Clients are liable for inadvertent website errors or damage, which may require purchase of hourly design/development services to fix. These hours go beyond the monthly allotted maintenance. If a 3rd party accesses your website and creates errors based on their use of your login or their own personal login, the client is also liable for those errors.

Unused Maintenance Hours

Unused Website Maintenance will roll over from month-to-month until the end of your service agreement. Upon termination or renewal of your service agreement, unused maintenance will expire. These hours are meant for the sole purpose of maintenance outlined in the criteria above. The hours cannot be swapped with another service.